How to Grow your Games Business

We all love to play games and we have many option to enjoy them. We have our mobiles, laptops, computers, tablets, play stations and many other options. People love to play games while travelling, watching TV, and even in the washroom. Developing games is a popular business but it also has great competition.

Developing a good games is much important but what if you don’t do proper advertisement. How people will know about your game. Game developers use different ways to promote their games. Below are some of the best ways to get more downloads.

Market Research

Before developing the game, it’s very important to do a complete market research. Finalize your game category and then check out the similar games. Make a list of your competitor games and make a table of their stats. Check out the function of all games and add some of the most amazing functions to your own game. You should also determine your budget first and make a decision that how much will you spend on advertising.

A proper advertisement plan will give you well-defined audience and a better market position

Create a Blog

If you have a website all about games then you should also think to do SEO by adding blog to your website. Post new updates and news about your game on daily basis. You should also target mobile games industry on your blog to get more views. Try to write more engaging and informative articles so that people share it on their different Bestaccounts such as Facebook, twitter, Instagram. This is the great way to attract more clicks to your website and games.

Promotional Video

Mostly game developers skip this marketing part but the reality is that it’s actually work. Make a video about your game and show your work through ads on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Game players don’t download all games they hear about so a short video can attract them.

Campaign on Social Media

We all are active on social media in our leisure time so it’s the best idea to attract your viewers form these platforms. Invest on these campaigns and you can check that how many players are from these sites.

Google Ads

Universal App Campaigns (UAC) is another best way to promote your game. In this way, Google will take all your game data (keywords and descriptions) from the Play-Store. You should also add videos and different graphics for visual attraction. People can see these ads on YouTube, search bar and associated search network.