Fuel Maverick 20×10 – Aspire Motoring

Fuel wheels support every need and expectation of off-road enthusiasts. These wheels are fully functional and have an excellent reputation among the users of lifted and non-lifted trucks, SUV’s, jeeps as well as duallys. Fuel wheels provide every solution to the problem that one faces during traveling.

Fuel wheels have quite a wide range and excellent reputation around the industry. One of the most famous types of fuel wheels is fuel mrr wheels quality. These wheels have a milled black design, and it makes sure to give you a comfortable ride. The setup of this wheel is in 20×10, with 18 offsets. The Mavericks are one of the best types of Fuel wheels in the industry, and great engineering innovators of the industry specially design it. These attractive 8 spokes wheels are readily available in 8×180 configuration and will give your ride an attractive look.

Let’s talk about the specifications of these maverick wheels.

Specifications of these maverick wheels:

They have the Part-number as D61020001847 with the backspacing of 4.79 have 18 offsets with a wheel size of 20” and wheel width of 10”. It has a hubbore of 125.20, Load-rating of 3700, with no wheel Exposed lugs, and the material used in the manufacturing is Alloy. It has a weight of 41lbs, with a one-piece structure, 8 workings spoke, and it was introduced in 2017.

Aspire motoring offers reasonable prices for Maverick wheels that are much lower than so many platforms selling the same products. Aspire Motoring has made quite a reputation around the industry because of their free shipping offers around 48 states of the United States of America. Moreover, they offer so many discounts offers for interested buyers inside and outside the United States of America. Their customer care website named “Aspire motoring” is always available for buyers and people who question the fuel wheels.